The love of God

Happy fourth Sunday of Lent! As we light the final purple candle, consider how far you’ve come on this journey. What preparations have you made for the coming of the Lord? What have you left to do?

This week’s focus is love. Our reading is a famous one. John 3:16-19 zeros in on the whole reason we’re talking about any of this — love. God so loved the world that he sent his only son to save it. It is only through our belief in him that we are saved and walk in the light.

What would you do or have you done for love? Think about some of the ways love — human love — has changed your life? What have you done that you might never have done? How have you gained courage or strength through love?

Now, consider the love of God, which is infinite and beyond our full comprehension. If love has moved you to accomplish what you otherwise might not have or to offer yourselves in ways you never thought you would, consider what God’s love can do in your life.

I leave you with this message of joy and hope you’ve grown on this journey as much as I have.

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