What others say…

You have an incredible gift and God is using it mightily for His purposes!
Father Roger Gustafson
St. Brendan
San Francisco
I loved that she stressed that God just wants to love us. It’s not about DOING anything. In our busy lives just knowing God loves us is so comforting.
Kelli Williams

As the Chair of Women's Morning of Spirituality in Memphis, our participants are still talking about how their faith grew through their TEARS AND LAUGHTER! You can definitely say that Kelly is 'hilariously Catholic and incredibly inspiring!

Brenda Kindelan
TRULY BRILLIANT: Kelly's conversion story touched my heart and enlightened me on my own journey of becoming closer to our God.
Leslie Harden
I sat next to a teary New Orleans Katrina Victim who stated that she never thought she could smile or see the blessings from the tragedy. After Kelly's witness at WMOS, she was not only smiling but laughing at God's goodness. Kelly, thank you! Laughter truly is God's Blessing!
Donna Essary
Kelly! You hit it out of the park! I love your SPIRIT and your SPUNK. Most of all I love your story. I've been thinking a lot about peace and purpose this week. You are an inspiration
Kelly Maan
Kelly Nieto profoundly touches both hearts and minds when she speaks. She is a catalyst for life change as she shares her personal story and insights.
Joan Thomas
The Holy Spirit speaks boldly through Kelly! It was so UPLIFTING, and my teenage daughter just kept saying DANG! SO COOL!' You need to have Kelly speak at your next event!
Melanie Mebus
Truly awesome! Fantastic! Many women shared with me that you "inspired them to go out and share their journey.” Wow! It will be hard for us to find a speaker to follow Kelly.
Kathy Heeren
Women Working in Communion with the Spirit
Horseshoe Bay, TX
This was absolutely the very BEST talk on our Blessed Mother that I have EVER heard, even by clergy!!
Melodie S.