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for Women’s Conferences, Fundraisers, Church Missions, Concerts and Family Events.

God's Secret Weapon to Wake Up the World

You have a story to tell. You have a sacred story that matters. The words inside of you, the inspiration inside of you, the spirit inside of's all about changing lives and waking up the world to the presence of God! As Kelly shares her hilarious, yet powerful conversion story, you’ll begin to discover the healing power of story as she walks you through her own conversion, a vision from God, and the real-life supernatural events that led her to create Cross & Light. Be inspired to find your sacred story and see how God's love, peace, and power continue to transform your chapter at a time!

Stop Chasing Happiness: The ABC'S of Living A Meaningful Life!

In this riveting talk, Kelly uncovers the shocking truth why searching for happiness makes us miserable. Drawing from both biblical and “Positive Psychology” sources, Kelly presents an easy-to-follow guide to finding true happiness by living a meaningful life. Be inspired and thoroughly entertained in this "rare gem of humorous dialogue" jam packed with theological wisdom, scientific evidence and transformative insights about the true source of happiness.

Church Retreat: Two Days, Four Talks

The retreat package includes God's Secret Weapon to Wake-up the World, The ABC's of Living A Meaningful life, and two talks specific to the Cross & Light, an international critically acclaimed musical of Christ's Passion through Pentecost. Kelly will take your parishioners on a deeply moving musical journey through the songs of Cross & Light by breaking open the deeper meaning behind key moments in Christ's journey.


Upcoming Appearances

"She is...Made for More," Troy MI

Relentless Conference, Sacrament CA

St. Josephs Ft. Jennings Ohio

Legatus Chapters, Troy MI

Holy Family Parish Mission, Davidson MD

Father Mac Fundraising Dinner, Lansing MI

St. Thomas More Conference, Pikes Peak Center CO

St. Thomas SNL Event, Redmond Oregon

Legatus Hudson Valley CT, Tour

Faith and Wine Lee County, Fr. Myers FL

Council of Catholic Women, Diocese of Tulsa, OK

Recent Appearances

Archdiocese of Dubuque IA, Women’s Conference

Archdiocese of Detroit MI, Women’s Conference

Diocese of Memphis TN, Morning of Spirituality

Diocese of Lansing MI, Women’s Conference

Diocese of Birmingham AL, Women’s Conference

Diocese of Providence RI, Women’s Conference

Diocese of Saginaw MI, MYE Faith Event

Diocese of Fargo ND, Youth Event

St. Thomas, Zanesville OH, Women’s Conference

St. Joseph Parish Mission, Otis Orchards WA

St. Brendan Catholic Church, San Francisco CA

St. Paul the Apostle, WWICS Horseshoe Bay TX

St. James Catholic Church, Setauket NY

Our Lady of the Lakes, Magnificat, Rochester NY

St. Hugo of the Hills, Bloomfield Hills, MI

Our Lady Star of the Sea, Grosse Pointe Farms MI

St. Paul on the Lake, Grosse Pointe MI