Meet Kelly

Master Storyteller

Humorist & Keynote Speaker

Scriptwriter & Director

Author, Songwriter & Lyricist

Creator & Executive Producer of Cross and Light

Kelly Nieto is the girl next-door, the friend who always has time to chat with you over a cup of coffee. But she’s also an internationally acclaimed speaker, popular humorist, executive producer and musical composer. She’s a woman on a mission. It’s not an overstatement to say that you’ve never met anyone quite like Kelly! And now Kelly brings her unique brand of humor, wisdom, and faith—gifts that have delighted audiences worldwide—to the printed page with her new book, My Holy Mess – One Woman's Crazy, Beautiful Journey of Faith Over Fear! 

You’ll read about Kelly’s journey to finally connect with God after thirty-five long years of wanting nothing to do with him. From an agnostic “New Ager” who regularly participated in séances and visited psychics to the radiant, inspiring woman she is today is a riveting tale filled with twists and turns, great joy and great sorrow, and lots of humor. Just like Kelly herself, this book will make you laugh . . . and make you cry. It will touch you deeply and you won’t want to put it down—because “boring” or “lackluster” is not in Kelly’s vocabulary! After college Kelly became Miss Michigan, Miss America runner-up, and Miss America National Talent Winner. This opened the door for her to travel the world and make great money as a musical comedienne, opening for legendary country acts like Garth Brooks, Charlie Daniels, and the Judds. After this whirlwind few years, Kelly got married, had two kids, and settled down to live in a gorgeous home that most would be envious of. 

Life was perfect...or so it seemed.

On the outside Kelly had it all, but on the inside she was empty and miserable. Something was missing. The lack of peace and purpose she felt sent Kelly down a spiraling path to depression that began to consume her entire life and well-being. It was in these darkest moments that Kelly found out her mother was going to die. She reached out to God in desperation, saying, “I don’t know who you are or what you are, but I will give you my life if you save her and show me the truth!”

That's when Kelly's life changed forever... 

Kelly kept her vow and eventually gave her life to Christ. And that truly was just the beginning! The night before she became a Catholic, a life-changing vision inspired her to create Cross and Light, an international, critically acclaimed multi-sensory musical experience of Jesus’ death, resurrection, and the coming of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. No obstacle was too great for Kelly as she forged ahead and met challenge after challenge with faith and determination.

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